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Any who wishes to get acquainted with the uniqueness of Croatia's first National Park and Monument of the world's natural heritage has only to approach it! According to their own wish, they can spend here - in all seasons - days of active recreation and rest. Walking along the paths next to the Lakes they can experience all that this monograph wishes to point out. But, even the book cannot evoke the true experience that personal contact with this natural beauty will give; absorbed as it must be by both understanding and emotional contact. My warm wish is that the paradisiacal beauty of this area of our dear country be revealed to the world, that foreigners can enjoy looking at this sublime grandeur so that this pearl of our country become famous all over the world...
                                           Milka Trnina 1898
...The Plitvice Lakes is a unique natural pearl unrepeatable on any meridian or parallel of planet Earth...                                                                                                        Srecko Bozicevic 1994
Biography of  Dr. sc. Srecko Bozicevic
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