Born in Zagreb - Croatia Small Country for Great Holiday!
Panorama of Zagreb - Croatia
Mornington Harbour - Victoria - Australia
Hello! I am Zlatko Capan from Mornington, Australia.  I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. All my working life in Croatia I worked at Ericsson Nikola Tesla installing telecommunication equipment in the former Yugoslavia and many other countries worldwide.

18 years of travel  exposed me to many languages and different cultures.

In 1989 I started my own business and became the licensee for the “World for 2 International” and “Holiday Bourse” for Yugoslavia / Croatia. Starting in Zagreb I expanded the business throughout all republics of the former  Yugoslavia with great success in a short space of time. By the 3rd quarter of 1990 I had affiliated over 1000 establishments and sold more than
10 000 memberships. In 1991 I produced my first song  “900 Years of Zagreb”.

Unfortunate events culminating in the separation of Croatia and Slovenia from the former Yugoslavia, the on-going political trouble and the subsequent war in the country made it next to impossible to continue the business.

My family and I migrated to Australia that became our new home. Australia opened new opportunities for me. I established a small company called MercataWorld. Now I am a web designer, marketer and telecommunication specialist. You can check some of my successful products here on my website. 
As a child I often visited the home of my grandparents in Tounj - Croatian historical town famous for its great cheese.
Tounj Bridge
Zagreb - Croatia
Mornington Harbour
Live in Mornington - Victoria - Australia..
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